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our ☝☝new 🎬🎥 recapping last semester Fall 2020
we had so much fun & growth together..boys are already eagerly asking me..."Rabbi-when's the next semester???"
Its coming 🔜 see flyer below
Have a watch & share some 😍
👍,subscribe & 📲 with others...
so grateful for your support & encouragement..🙏
we're coming back for our 8️⃣th season
cant wait!!!
Registration 🔗👇👇
early bird pricing ends soon--take advantage & save 💲

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For years when a boy got into the older grades...the fitness program phased out...Boys in older grades need different challenges -to keep them captivated & interested...Middle schoolers kept asking me upon seeing the younger program..."Can you do a make a program for us?"
We thought about it & have decided to go ahead with a brand 🆕 program..which caters to the needs & wants of a middle school boy With brand 🆕 equipment🏋️‍♂️ & extra supervision by certified trainers we will be launching a 🆕program called "Level Up" building on the skills & techniques learned in the younger grades
Boys AGES 11-14.
This is NOT a bodybuilding class...I neither practice nor advocate bodybuilding ,that runs counter to my core beliefs.
👉✅What IT IS✅
A comprehensive general preparedness program which builds & promotes Strength,Stamina,Power,Speed,Coordination,Flexibility & Endurance...based on the principles of Crossfit®
I'm a Crossfit® Level 1 (soon to be Level 2) trainer & Crossfit® kids trainer,with hundreds of hours of training experience
& have recruited skilled,experienced trainers to assist & ensure safety & structure of everything that transpires in this class
530-630 Tuesdays & Thursday 2️⃣X's a week
starting in March-program runs 11 weeks through June
Give your son the gift of health ,fitness & more importantly self -confidence 💪that he can accomplish anything... We don't quit or give anything less than 💯% to the boys & we expect the same from them.Rinse & repeat with time-you build a positive "I can" attitude & spirit that will separate them from the pack
Register 🔜 due to the nature of supervision needed we need to keep class size small
take advantage of early bird & save 💲

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